Apartment Services

  • Seller Representation: 

Pipeline’s agents are very experienced at representing property owners when they are ready to sell an apartment building.  Our agents understand that the top priorities for a seller are to:

  • Obtain the highest price possible
  • Close in the shortest period of time
  • Work with a qualified buyer

We work tirelessly to achieve each of these goals for the sellers we represent by aggressively marketing our apartment listings to the largest pool of qualified buyers.  Our marketing consists of direct mailers and phone calls to hundreds of apartment owners and buyers in our proprietary database, advertising on commercial property websites,  and active cooperation with other brokers.

  • Buyer Representation: 

Our agents have worked closely with a number of qualified buyers to help identify suitable investment opportunities.  One of the primary advantages we provide our buyers is access to a large quantity of off-market deals to which other buyers would not gain exposure.  We assist our buyers in knowing how to value, finance, improve, and close a deal.

  • Valuation:

With a detailed database containing myriad sale and rent comparables along with income and expense data, we confidently provide both owners and investors with a reliable property valuation. Click here to contact us if you would like a free opinion of value.

  • Market Research:

Our brokerage services include providing market research for our clients such as market rent surveys, comparable income and expense reports, demographic studies and local economic conditions reports.

  • Acquisition / Development Consulting:

If you are looking to develop an apartment community, our agents can help in the following ways:

  • Identifying  and acquiring  land for development
  • Assistance in working through the planning and zoning process at the municipal level
  • Assistance with construction and creation of stabilized operating pro forma
  • Determining the best among all available financing options
  • Determining the post-stabilized investment value under a variety of scenarios